"Tons of energy and funky sounds to fill the air and keep people on their toes..."  
-Maia Kennedy 
"Incredibly energetic....A fellow concert-goer was talking up the group to a friend before the show: 'You’ll love Jessi [Milch, lead singer]; she’s like a ’60s goddess.' While such a comparison leaves a great deal to live up to, Moxa delivered on expectations, and I would be hard-pressed to come up with a better description of Milch’s alluring stage presence...Aside from Milch’s rich, full-bodied voice,  Moxa has some incredibly skilled instrumentalists. On keys is Tyler Adams, whose fingers flurry up and down bluesy electric piano and soulful organ sounds. The rhythm trio of Nick Malkasian on bass, Mark Goveia on drums and Max Weinstein’s supplementary percussion tied everything together with precision and tightness. They convey the improvisational talents required of an authentic jam band without the songs ever feeling like they drag for too long, setting them apart from many acts that fall into similar categories. Moxa achieve this by mixing things up with quick, often surprising rhythm and tempo changes; they know when to send it all into overdrive. If you think you would like an eclectic mix of funk, soul, reggae and gospel, then Moxa is a can’t-miss. Be mindful, though: dancing is mandatory."
-Harry Gustafson, Journalist
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"Moxa brought the house down with their jams and had everyone dancing their sexy tushes off.  Having a singer as lovely as Jessi doesn’t hurt anything and boy can she wail.  This band has got some juice and I look forward to seeing & helping them pop!"  
-Dan Millen, President /Talent Buyer
Rock On Concerts/Church of Boston

"Moxa was the perfect opener for the Chucklehead reunion, one of Boston's legendary funk bands [at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA]. Moxa brought a great crowd, delivered a great set, and I'm sure wound up with a whole new group of fans. We were lucky to have them."
-Ken Cmar, Owner and CEO
Wonderdrug Records

"Moxa explodes with super nova power. New and original to the Boston music scene, rising stars Moxa has a spirited magical energy. Their music is infused with roots in soul, jazz, and rock. This band is deep and rich, the sounds are joyful with amazing vocals. They are not to be missed!"
-June Gustafson
Scholar & Educator
"Seeing MOXA live and in person is like going on a blind date only to realize you have landed a bombshell; and the best part about that blind date is that you are guaranteed to get your brains funked out on the first night.
With so many musical acts coming out of Allston, MA these days, MOXA has proven to be a standout, and continues to keep crowds of all kinds groovin’. Bake together the smooth sailin’ basslines, the sticky funk coming from the keys, rhythms that will make you rethink tempo, and the vocals of what only one can describe as 'energetic sexfunk' and you just whipped up a big 'ol batch of MOXA."
-Jeff Morris, Talent Scout & Coordinator
Boston Freedom Rally